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The Meta Garage is more than a “showroom Metaverse”, it’s a fully customizable hub. Display your NFTs, customize the appearance, and play games directly in the Garage. Want to host an event? Well, customize your Garage to fit your brand and invite everyone or be selective on who can enter.

Complete daily and weekly missions to earn $TROPHY, the universe’s economy token. Use $TROPHY to change your Garage, upgrade it, buy new furniture, add new games, and more features to discover on the road.

And what would be a Garage without a crazy big Car to display? Don’t worry, we got your back. Each Meta Garage holder will receive a free 3D car made by our artist NG02, who’s worked for multiple gaming companies and has been a part of many successful racing games as a game designer. These cars will be upgradeable and customizable by using $TROPHY.

However, that’s not all. The Meta Garage gives you access to The Lab, which is a marketplace with $TROPHY. You can auction your own NFTs, buy new and limited furniture, as well as access to exclusive NFTs and whitelist raffles. The Lab is also where you will be able to upgrade your Garage, upgrade your Cars, and manage your Garage’s accessibility.

high quality 3d nft cars AIRDROPPED


Roadmap 1.0 ✔

Genesis Collection Launch (500 Pilots)

We successfully launched our Genesis Collection of 500 Pilots. The Pilots are the only NFTs able to earn $TROPHY through staking.


We launched our SPL Token $TROPHY to reward our Genesis Holders. The Token is the main utility Token. You can purchase new items, upgrade your Metaverse or NFTs, get access to special events and more. We will constantly add new features and items to ensure a regular Token Burn.

Pilots Staking

Since March 2022, our Genesis Holder hafve the possibility to stake their Pilots and earn up to 100 $TROPHY per day. Currently 70% of the supply is staked.

3D Racing Game Demo 1.0

We released the very first demo of our future 3D Racing Game. This demo is built on unity and made for Web. A more complete game will be implemented directly in the Garage only accessible by Meta Garage owners.

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Roadmap ⚙

Design&Dev Meta Garage

Our Artist designed the Meta Garages in 3Dso that our Devs can implement it in the Devnet and start to work on advanced features.

Basic Meta Garage Features

The Devs created and tested features on the Devnet like : move in the Garage as visitor (1st person view), enter in Editor Mode to display NFTs and move them in the Garage, implement our 3D demo Game on an Arcade.

The Lab

We will implement The Lab where you can spend $TROPHY or several other Tokens to buy 3D NFT to display in your Garage. The Lab will have more features like Raffles, Auction, Sell NFTs, Mint NFTs, upgrade your garage and your cars.

Launch Meta Garage Mint

Once we are ready with the basic features of the Meta Garages, we will start the mint in collaboration with a Launchpad.

Date : TBD
Price : TBD

Supply: 3000

3D Cars Airdrop

We will airdrop the 3D Cars to every holder

A total of 3500 NFTs will be airdropped

Advanced Features

We will start to deploy advanced features like the Garage customization, more mini-games, access to The Lab directly in the Garage, upgrade your Car, join "missions" to earn $TROPHY

Gen2 PFP Collection

We know you all love PFPs, this is why we will also have an amazing PFP Collection. Sneak Peek is ready! 
Our Genesis Holders will receive a Gen2 PFP for free.

Meta Garage Holder will be VIP with a great discount

Roadmap to be continued

We don't overpromise, we deliver.


K! - Co-founder

K! co-founder

NFT and Crypto Degen, Builder in Web3 and Web2

ST4N - Co-founder

ST4N co-founder

Discord Expert, impulsive NFT buyer, Gamer, Builder in Web3 and Web2


Head Game Designer

lead game designer

10+ years of experience, loves perfection


Head Dev

Lead dev

Talented blockchain dev managing our Metaverse & NFT integrations


Web & Blockchain Dev

web dev

Experts in web & blockchain security


2D/3D Artist

2D/3D Artist

Working with NG02 to provide high quality 3D rendering in our Metaverse

le coach

Head of Marketing

Head of Marketing

Marketing Expert

Keith C

Discord Mod/Community Helper

Discord & Community

Experienced Mod & Community Helper


Discord Mod/Community Helper

Discord & Community

Experienced Mod & Community Helper





The development of Meta Garage has already begun for some weeks. We already have a playable version on the Devnet where several features are ready: Select your NFTs, Display them, resize them, move them around, access web-games through the arcade, and many more details.

Our objective is to have every basic feature ready when the mint comes, so that it can be accessible very quickly. We will then continue the development on the devnet and once a new Feature is ready we will push it to the mainnet.

The main source of $TROPHY comes from the Gen1 Staking. BUT if you own a Garage, you will be able to execute missions and be rewarded in $TROPHY. 

Our Whitelist is open, join our Discord for more information.

We will announce the collaboration with a Launchpad when we approach the mint date.

You don’t want your own and customizable place in Web3? Where you can display all your NFTs, and have a Hub that fits you or your brand?

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